Yoga between the Commons


Hi, I'm Inbal! I have been practising Yoga most of my adult life, but only when I stepped inside an Iyengar Yoga institute I knew I was home. It was the instructions, the right emphasis, the ability of the teachers to immediately spot where I have difficulties and the use of props to correct that... all those got me hooked.

During my first pregnancy my practice had deepened and with it the understanding of how yoga can really fix me, right there, on the spot. The practice kept me strong, and adjusted my sore back, my heaviness, and helped me relax towards what was laying ahead.

I learned that in order to be like my amazing teachers I had to start a journey that would last a lifetime, because in the Iyengar method, you are always a student, every time you do an asana - it's new, and this process has inspired me.

My family and I moved to London and I started my training with teachers who I am so grateful to, and after 3 years (and the birth of my second son) I am proud to be a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and excited to be passing this knowledge and the comfort it brings to others.

I truly believe that a correct yoga practice can help anyone to achieve physical and mental well being, and I am very enthusiastic to be a part of your path.

Viparīta Karaṇī (first pregnancy)